Demonrat Ph.

Life is Short. Play Hard!

Welcome! I’m Demonrat, an independent photographer and video maker, based in Pontedera, between Florence and Pisa, Italy.
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Alternative Photography
Flowers and glamour are not really my thing. I've always explored the world of the macabre and darkness,passing through science fiction and the experimentation of everyday material. These are more personal projects than commissions, considering the particularity of the genre.
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Music Band Booklet
Music business needs image and our work really consists in giving this service. From group and band shootings to the graphic designing of the booklets. Sounds good!!!!
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Music Videoclip and Teaser
Latest arrival in Demonrat's house: videoclips and teasers made with professional equipment and staff. Not a fixed camera and a flat story but a real team who thinks about the storyboard,the styling,the make up and the editing of what has been filmed.
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Model Book and Catalogue
The world of fashion, even if alternative, needs study and competence. Especially if you are a novice or your product has been put in the market, you'll surely need a professional product that can convince the buyer.
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Event, Celebration & Workshop
Concerts, weddings, ceremonies...If you want a touch of originality, this is what best suits you!!
We also organize workshops and live performance photographic sets.

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